Mobile UT

When testing must be done in various locations, whether inside the factory or outside in the yard, you need an industrial grade, portable inspection system. The IIS Mobile UT is a true single operator, portable solution, which can temporarily replace an inline UT in emergency situations. In addition to offering peace of mind, the Mobile UT does not compromise on meeting API 5L and 5CT requirements of NDT systems.

Mobile UT Advantages

Fully Portable

  • From the factory floor to the yard, our 4 channel Mobile UT system is truly portable, versatile and most important, only requires one operator. From our compact handheld mechanics to our versatile industrial handheld electronics, the configurations are endless.

Easy To Use

  • Once a defect is found the operator can take a picture using a programmable touch screen button, located on the Olympus X3 screen. Pictures are indexed and stored on the computer for later use.
  • The included handle adapter makes it easier to scan product on the floor or mill table. V-rollers keep the mechanics on the pipe, hands free regardless of the diameter being tested.
  • Touch screen facilitates operator input and control of the UT computer.
  • 2 hot-swappable batteries ensure non-stop operations.
  • Switching the Mobile UT to phased array probes is easily done using the modular design of the Olympus X3.
  • The operator is notified of defects and coupling problems on the Olympus X3 screen, via channel-specific visual and audible alarms.


  • 4 symmetrically adjustable channels allows for faster calibration always on center with the weld, mechanics and calibration standard. A laser line projection visible even in bright daylight ensure alignment to the weld.

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