Aluminum Log Inspection System (ALIS)

Today’s leading aluminum log manufacturers are applying NTD methods to ensure quality. Ultrasonic testing systems are the technology of choice due to its simplicity and reliability.

Aluminum Log Inspection System (ALIS) will catch a defect regardless of its angle of orientation and automatically adjust to logs of various diameters.

Aluminum Log Inspection System (ALIS) Advantages

Minimum 3 UT Channels

  • 3 UT channels ensures defects are detected regardless of their orientation. Due to various defect sizes and orientation, systems using 2 channels at 90 deg can miss defects easily.

Seriously Smart UT System

  • ALIS automatically adjusts the mechanics and UT settings for each diameter, while keeping the mechanics safe using a variety of laser sensors.
  • One time calibration only required during commissioning. ALIS recalls both the correct setup and transducer position each time for each diameter being tested. Per log data tracking and data storage can be incorporated to mill data systems.
  • Operator supervision is not required. Automatic product selection, (including mechanics and setup adjustments), collision detection and defect paint, ALIS does everything for you.

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