In-Line System 8 (ILS8)

Robust and reliable inspection systems are key to the successful production of high quality tube and pipe products.

The In-Line System 8 (ILS8) is unique due to its ease of use, quick maintenance and built-in redundancy systems. The standard 8-channel set-up ensures your investment is future proof.

  • 4 inside diameter (ID) and 4 outside diameter (OD) channels provide reliable testing using our proprietary non focused transducers. This minimizes issues associated with weld wonder and high production speeds.
  • Double the channels doesn’t mean double the calibration time. Channels are symmetrically opposed and move in a synchronized manner to the center of the mechanics and calibration standard, eliminating the possibility of off-center, incorrect calibration.
  • Expanding the scope of your ILS8 has never been easier. Our Weld Profile System (WeldPro) bolt-on feature easily attaches to the ILS8 mechanics. This upgrade allows visualization of the weld profile with separate ID, OD and thickness graphs.
  • The modular design also allows every key system and part to be easily serviceable onsite by our customers, decreasing maintenance and repair costs.
  • Testing the weld continuously or entire pipe lengths (joints), ILS8 uses high-end lasers for precise positioning and product detection.
  • German made symmetrically opposed actuators, move each pair of transducers precisely with reference to the centre of the product, standard and system mechanics.
  • Our patented collision mitigation and position awareness system minimizes damage to the transducers and system as a whole.
  • Building and designing the system to avoid costly repairs, stocking of spare parts or excessive downtime is our number one priority.
  • A complimentary consultation during the first year will get your system and staff up to date. We also provide the first yearly calibration check as required by API free of charge.
  • Extended warranty is always available, prolonging the life of your purchase.


Accurately measuring weld thickness and geometry is vital to the quality of the product. Testing must be done both outside and inside the diameter. The IIS WeldPro is unique due to its modular design or stand-alone capabilities.

  • Bolt-on feature allows for ease of expansion when coupled to our ILS8 system.
  • Stand alone version is also available with a small factory footprint. Having a modular design ensures your system grows with your production needs.
  • With individual ID, OD and Thickness graphs, visualizing the weld geometry has never been easier. Since the weld geometry can change inside and out, it is critical to know where the changes happened and the resulting thickness.

Mobile UT

When testing must be done in various locations, whether inside the factory or outside in the yard, you need an industrial grade, portable inspection system. The IIS Mobile UT is a true single operator, portable solution, which can temporarily replace an inline UT in emergency situations. In addition to offering peace of mind, the Mobile UT does not compromise on meeting API 5L and 5CT requirements of NDT systems.

  • From the factory floor to the yard, our 4 channel Mobile UT system is truly portable, versatile and most important, only requires one operator. From our compact handheld mechanics to our versatile industrial handheld electronics, the configurations are endless.
  • Once a defect is found the operator can take a picture using programmable touch screen button, located on the OmniScan MX screen. Pictures are indexed and stored on the computer for later use.
  • The included handle adapter makes it easier to scan product on the floor or mill table. Magnetic v-rollers keep the mechanics on the pipe, hands free.
  • Touch screen facilitates operator input and control of the UT computer.
  • 2 hot-swappable batteries ensure non-stop operations.
  • Switching the Mobile UT to phased array probes is easily done using the modular design of the OmniScanMX. The operator is notified of defects and coupling problems via the OmniScan MX built-in LEDs, via channel-specific visual and audible alarms.
  • 4 symmetrically adjustable channels allows for faster calibration always on center with the weld, mechanics and calibration standard. A laser line projection visible even in bright daylight ensure alignment to the weld.

Tube End System (TES)

Performing full body UT inspection generally leaves untested ends. Current solutions involve manually testing the ends of the pipe, or simply cutting them off. Both methods are time consuming or wasteful.

Tube End System (TES) is world’s first fully automated, API 5L and 5CT compliant tube end inspection system. It is designed to save time and reduce waste.

  • TES automatically finds both ends of the pipe and precisely tests each end for longitudinal and transverse defects while measuring the wall thickness and providing a coupling check as per the API 5CT standard.
  • During each test, TES also measures the pipe’s combined bow, eccentricity and ovality and indicates the measured values to the operator. This ensures defective product doesn’t damage threading and other processes down the line.
  • Combining Festo and Keyence motion and sensing systems allows TES an unparalleled level of accuracy and repeatability during calibration and testing of products.

Aluminum Log Inspection System (ALIS)

Today’s leading aluminum log manufacturers are applying NTD methods to ensure quality. Ultrasonic testing systems are the technology of choice due to its simplicity and reliability.

Aluminum Log Inspection System (ALIS) will catch a defect regardless of its angle of orientation and automatically adjust to logs of various diameters.

  • 3 UT channels ensures defects are detected regardless of their orientation. Due to various defect sizes and orientation, systems using 2 channels at 90 deg can miss defects easily.
  • ALIS automatically adjusts the mechanics and UT settings for each diameter, while keeping the mechanics safe using a variety of laser sensors.
  • One time calibration only required during commissioning. ALIS recalls both the correct setup and transducer position each time for each diameter being tested. Per log data tracking and data storage can be incorporated to mill data systems.
  • Operator supervision is not required. Automatic product selection, (including mechanics and setup adjustments), collision detection and defect paint, ALIS does everything for you.

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