In-Line System 8 (ILS8)

Robust and reliable inspection systems are key to the successful production of high quality tube and pipe products.

The In-Line System 8 (ILS8) is unique due to its ease of use, quick maintenance and built-in redundancy systems. The standard 8-channel set-up ensures your investment is future proof.

In-Line System 8 (ILS8) Advantages

Built In Redundancy

  • 4 inside diameter (ID) and 4 outside diameter (OD) channels provide reliable testing using our proprietary non focused transducers. This minimizes issues associated with weld wonder and high production speeds.
  • Double the channels doesn’t mean double the calibration time. Channels are symmetrically opposed and move in a synchronized manner to the center of the mechanics and calibration standard, eliminating the possibility of off-center, incorrect calibration.

Modular & Serviceable Design

  • Expanding the scope of your ILS8 has never been easier. Our Weld Profile System (WeldPro) bolt-on feature easily attaches to the ILS8 mechanics. This upgrade allows visualization of the weld profile with separate ID, OD and thickness graphs.
  • The modular design also allows every key system and part to be easily serviceable onsite by our customers, decreasing maintenance and repair costs.

Damage Mitigation

  • Our patented collision mitigation and position awareness system minimizes damage to the transducers and system as a whole.
  • Building and designing the system to avoid costly repairs, stocking of spare parts or excessive downtime is our number one priority.

Unmatched Warranty

  • A complimentary consultation during the first year will get your system and staff up to date. We also provide the first yearly calibration check as required by API free of charge.
  • Extended warranty is always available, prolonging the life of your purchase.

Precision by Design

  • Testing the weld continuously or entire pipe lengths (joints), ILS8 uses high-end lasers for precise positioning and product detection.
  • German made symmetrically opposed actuators, move each pair of transducers precisely with reference to the centre of the product, standard and system mechanics.

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